• Rotary indexing type filling machine
  • The machine work on a rotary indexing table of 6/8/10 stations configuration
  • Driven through Ferguson indexing drive
  • Fully PLC controlled
  • The machine is compatible for Container filling, nitrogen flushing, plugging screw capping and induction sealing
  • Product contact points will be made of SS 304/SS316/SS316L
  • Pneumatic cut off system to ensure no tail over after filling
  • All pneumatic cylinders are of Festo/SMC make
  • Sensors of Banner/Omron make, No container – No fill – No capping interlocks
  • Speed up to 100 PCS/min
  • Safety guards with micro switch interlock
  • The machine is compatible to fill, plug and cap eye drops, pharmaceutical products in GMP standards
  • Auto feeding system for inner plugs
  • Auto elevating & orientation system for caps
Model BFM-RT-40 BFM-EL-FLCP-120
Speed Up to 40/ head