• Semi automatic bottle filling machine is highly suitable to fill low viscous liquids
  • Double syringe filling machine with product contact parts made of UMHDPE
  • Filling speed: depends on volume of filling. approximate speed/nozzle as follows
  • Up to 50 ml : 20 pcs/min, 100 ml : 15 pcs/min, 500 ml : 12 pcs/min, 1000 ml:10 pcs/min
  • The speed depends upon viscosity of liquid and mouth size of the bottle
  • Driven by 1 hp bonfiglioli make geared motor fitted with a DOL starter
  • Covers are made of UMHDPE. weight adjustments can be through suitable vice
  • Basic machine supplied with one set of filling syringe. change part cost extra
  • Storage tank is not covered under this scope. optional extra
  • The machine is suitable filling acids as SS 304/SS 316 materials react with acid
  • The machine proves useful for filling both in containers and stand up pouches
  • Running cycle of plastic syringe is limited and brittle. advisable to keep spare