The Plough Shear Mixing Machine is suitable for effectively mixing liquid and solid constituents into a homogenous mass, which ensures zero presence of unmixed lumps.

  • A circular and up-down movement of material is created by plough shafts. The lumps are disintegrated by the high speed shear force of the choppers.
  • Pneumatically operated or mechanically operated discharge door is provided at the bottom
  • Material of construction :SS 316L/ SS 304/ Mild steel
  • As per client’s requirements and applications, the shafts end can be gland sealed or mechanically sealed

Application areas

  • Chemical Industry
  • Personal care products
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Soap Industry
Model Working Capacity Min. Batch Size Gross Capacity Motor HP STD Motor HP Heavy
PSM-50 50 Kgs 30 Kgs 75 Ltrs 3 5
PSM-100 100 Kgs 60 Kgs 150 Ltrs 7.5 10
PSM-250 250 Kgs 150 Kgs 400 Ltrs 15 20
PSM-500 500 Kgs 300 Kgs 800 Ltrs 20 25
PSM-1000 1000 Kgs 600 Kgs 1500 Ltrs 40 50

Specifications are subject to change as a part of continuous improvement.