Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

Tube filling and sealing machine is used to fill products in tubes and sealing it.

Products that can be filled:

  • Products of different viscosities and flow characteristics ranging from tooth paste, cream, ointments, gel, shampoo, food products like sauce, adhesives, grease, etc.

Tube types:

  • Laminated tubes, Plastic Co extruded tubes, Aluminum tubes, Metal Collapsible tubes etc.,
  • The filling and sealing methodology varies depending upon the type of product and the tube nature.

ASPRO – TUBE FILLING MACHINE – Salient Features of the basic Machine:

  • Machine is built robust and simple in design with user friendliness adapting to various working environments.
  • The machine is driven through Ferguson Indexing mechanism to ensure accuracy of indexing and repeatability.
  • Filling nozzle is of positive shut off and blow off system to ensure nil tailing after filling.
  • The pump house is made of SS 316L with a rigid base. 
  • Hopper is made of SS 316 L with polished inner surfaces 
  • Leister make hot air guns are used for sealing stations 
  • Machine is compatible for filling and sealing both lami and aluminum tubes. However an attachment is needed for aluminum crimping.
  • Filling accuracy  0.5%
  • The machine confirms to GMP norms. 
  • Double side coding system with easy change over for coding digits. MRP / PKD / Batch no. on the crimps may be marked with this. 

Optional accessories – Salient Features:

  • Auto tube loading device attachment to load the tubes automatically.
  • Automatic print registration device to sense the eye mark.
  • Double color filling system
  • Acrylic top covering with safety limit switch interlock doors 
  • PLC based operating system
  • A.C. Variable speed drive provision 
  • Stirrer for the hopper


  • Elliptical runway mechanism
  • Higher output per nozzle compared with Micro model
  • Easy access for lubrication & maintenance.
  • Suitable for combination sealing beam assembly. 


  • Suitable for high speed applications
  • Double head filling system
  • Elliptical linear runway assembly 


  • Rotary turn table mechanism
  • Suitable for medium speed requirements
  • Occupies very less space comparatively. 


  • Table top concept filling and sealing.
  • Suitable for R & D applications.
  • Useful for sample production quantities.
  • Manual tube insertion system 
  Speed in Pcs / Min Up to 40* Up to 50* Up to 100*
  No. of Filling Heads 1 1 2
  Contact Parts SS316 SS316 SS316
  Fill volume in ml 0-150 0-150 0-150
  Tube Handling capacity-Dia in mm 12-50 12-50 12-40
  Filling accuracy 0.5% 0.5% 0.5%
  Hopper capacity in Ltrs 30 30 50
  Power required in KW 0.75 1.00 1.00
  Blower in KW 0.37 0.37 0.75
  Heater in KW 3.50 3.50 7.00
  Air consumption in CFM 15 18 25
  Dimension (LxBxH)               1450x750x2000             1570x570x2000            2800x1200x2100
 Weight (Approx) in kgs 670 800 .1300
* Depends upon tube structure, product, fill volume, tube dia, etc.