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Detergent Powder Plants

  • Salient Features of Detergent Powder Manufacturing Plant:
  • Raw materials of solid in nature will be conveyed either mechanically or manually to the batch making floor based on customer preference.
  • Liquid raw materials are pumped to the day tank kept on the batching floor.
  • Depending upon the formulation materials are added to the main mixer according to the sequence of addition.
  • After mixing, material is conveyed to the cage mill for crushing through multi screw conveyor.
  • The uniformly sized particle out of the cage mill is conveyed through bucket elevator to the storage tank or the passed through the vibro siever for further refinement.
  • Vibro screened powder mass is collected in storage trolleys and conveyed to packaging area.
  • Packaging machinery pack powders in the desired pack size and orientation.
  • Secondary packaging is done at end of line and conveyed to Bonded storage go down.
Model Description
DPP-4000-Auto Fully Automatic Powder Plant-4000 kgs/hour
DPP-2000-PR Premium Powder Plant-2000 Kgs/hour
DPP-2000 Auto Fully Automatic Powder Plant-2000 kgs/hour
DPP-1000-PR Premium Powder Plant-1000 Kgs/hour
DPP-1000-Auto Fully Automatic Powder Plant-1000 kgs/hour
DPP-1000-MINI Basic Powder Plant-1000 Kgs/hour.
DPP-500-PR Premium Powder Plant-500 Kgs/hour
DPP-500-STD Mechanised Powder Plant-500 Kgs/hour
DPP-500-MINI Basic Powder Plant-500kgs/hour
DPP-250-STD Mechanised Powder Plant-250 kgs/hour
DPP-250-MINI Basic Powder Plant-250 Kgs/hour